Christopher Lirette

Christopher Lirette, from Chauvin, Louisiana, is just finishing teaching courses on superheroines and poetry at Cornell University, but is about to move to Atlanta to begin studying professional wrestling, comic books, and contemporary Louisiana culture (among other things) in Emory University’s Institute for Liberal Arts PhD program. He’s been affiliated with entirely too many academic institutions, but still knows how to get down.

He writes poetry, which has been published both online and in print and has earned him several awards, including a Fulbright Grant in 2007. That year, he lived in Moncton, New Brunswick, the weird heart of Acadie, and c’etait right la fun. Sort of. Also, you can find his essays on pop culture in literary journals and blogs. It’s highly unlikely that he will write anything someone might consider serious.

He’s done stuff other than writing, too. For instance, he spent a summer teaching archery at a girl scout camp and another working as a roustabout in the Gulf of Mexico. After the storm, he cooked for two families in Chicago. In 2009, he cofounded Terrebonne Advocates for Possibility with his father, Kurt, and his wife, Linda. Today, he is the public relations officer and cultural director, meaning he does all the copy and graphic design and is part of the board that imagines and plans new ventures for the group. One day, he will move back to Chauvin.

In the meantime, he practices Hung Ga, a southern Chinese martial art. Linda and he practice this together, and together they will kick your ass.